Investment Criteria

93 Investments Across the United States

Midwest West South Northeast

47 Investments

Illinois: 9 Investments
Indiana: 4 Investments
Iowa: 1 Investment
Michigan: 4 Investments
Minnesota: 2 Investment
Missouri: 1 Investment
Nebraska: 2 Investments
Ohio: 4 Investments
South Dakota: 2 Investments
Wisconsin: 19 Investments

9 Investments

California: 4 Investments
Colorado: 2 Investments
Washington: 1 Investment
Wyoming: 2 Investment

25 Investments

Alabama: 1 Investment
Florida: 1 Investment
Georgia: 2 Investments
Kentucky: 1 Investment
Louisiana: 1 Investment
Maryland: 2 Investments
Mississippi: 3 Investments
North Carolina: 3 Investments
Oklahoma: 1 Investment
South Carolina: 1 Investment
Tennessee: 1 Investment
Texas: 9 Investments
Virginia: 2 Investments

12 Investments

Massachusetts: 2 Investments
New Jersey: 2 Investments
New York: 4 Investments
Pennsylvania: 3 Investments
Vermont: 1 Investment


Transaction Types

Management Buyouts, Recapitalizations, Acquisition Financings, Shareholder Liquidity Events, and Growth Financings.

Investment Size

At least $15 million


Manufacturing and service businesses across a variety of industries

Company Size

Revenue of at least $25 million
EBITDA of at least $4 million


Experienced management team
Strong cash flow
Established industry
Growing market share


Meaningful equity ownership (control or non-control) combined with subordinated debt with current yield.


Serve as board-level advisors rather than day-to-day managers or operators

Not Considered

Start-ups, turnarounds, real estate financings, restaurants, oil and gas exploration