WeCare, LLC
Fund: V
Investment Date: December 2010
Exit Date: June 2014
Headquarters: Jordan, New York

WeCare LLC, headquartered in Jordan, New York, is a waste-management company providing processing and transportation of non-hazardous residual organic waste and municipal solid waste throughout the Northeastern United States and New England. The company is comprised of two primary business units – WeCare Organics and WeCare Transportation. WeCare Organics is a leader in the “beneficial use” waste sector, processing organic waste (waste-water sludge, industrial ash, food- and yard-waste and paper-mill sludge) into usable end-products. WeCare Transportation transports both solid and liquid non-hazardous waste to processing and storage destinations. WeCare’s customers include both municipalities and commercial entities.

Merit invested both subordinated debt and equity in support of the recapitalization.