Alliance Family of Companies, LLC (dba Stratus)
Fund: VI
Investment Date: July 2017
Headquarters: Irving, TX
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Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Stratus is a provider of in‐home neurodiagnostic, sleep diagnostic and cardiac testing services, currently operating throughout the United States.

The company has positioned itself as a growing provider in the neuro‐diagnostic testing space through the use of hardware and software platforms that allow multi‐day patient testing to be done in the comfort of their home, thus reducing the cost to the healthcare system and the patient. Stratus’ value proposition is attractive to payors, patients and referring physicians. For both commercial and government payors,

Stratus is able to provide its diagnostic services in a manner that is, in total, more cost effective than the in‐hospital alternative. From a patient perspective, having the test in‐home is much more convenient and less stressful. For referring physicians, the test is able to be scheduled and completed more quickly than a similar test conducted in a hospital facility.

Merit invested subordinated debt and equity, in partnership with both management and an independent sponsor, in support of the majority recapitalization.

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