Peak Sulfur
Peak Sulfur, Inc.
Fund: III
Investment Date: April 2002
Exit Date: August 2005
Headquarters: Kansas City, Kansas

Peak Sulfur, Inc. (“Peak Sulfur”), headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas, manufactures, trades, and distributes sulfur-related products including commercial-grade sulfuric acid and ultra-pure sulfuric acid. Additionally, Peak Sulfur receives and regenerates sulfuric acid which has been used by refineries, and then sells fresh commercial acid back to the refinery. The acquisition of Peak Sulfur was led by Peak Investments, LLC (“Peak”), a firm with a history of acquiring “orphan” chemical operations and improving operating results through a combination of focused management, expense control, improved capital allocation and asset utilization.

Merit provided subordinated debt and preferred stock used to finance the acquisition of Peak Sulfur by Peak in 2002. In mid-2003, Merit invested additional subordinated debt and equity in conjunction with Peak Sulfur’s acquisition of a division of Arch Chemical. The division was a manufacturer of commercial grade sulfuric acid and a provider of regenerated sulfuric acid services.