Gartner, LLC
Fund: VI
Investment Date: June 2017
Headquarters: Stillwater, MN
Deal Team:
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Gartner, LLC is comprised of Gartner Studios (“Studios”) and Gartner Digital (“Digital”). Founded in 1998, Gartner Studios is an innovative product development company, headquartered in Stillwater, Minnesota. With offices worldwide, employing talented creatives, product developers, sourcing, and manufacturing professionals, Gartner Studios continues to grow focusing on great design, high quality manufacturing, best in class personalization solutions and attractive pricing. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Gartner Studios is an industry leader in products celebrating everyday life and its events, offering more than 7000 SKUs through major retailers and specialty stores across North America. Gartner Digital, with offices in Providence, Rhode Island and Pleasant Grove, Utah, provides design licenses and a “best in class” customization platform, either as a full white-label website or as a SaaS plug-in to an existing website via an application programing interface.

Merit provided subordinated debt and equity in this investment.

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